A popular brand of rolling tobacco in the Netherlands and Germany. Of course, we call it "shag" (no, really).

Javaanse Jongens comes in three different "flavours". The first being "halfzwaar" (err.. "halfheavy"?), the second "3/4 zwaar" and the third "zwaar". This is exceptional, because most other brands come only in "zwaar" and "halfzwaar". This makes the in-between flavour of "3/4 zwaar" quite popular with nitpicks like myself.

It is made by the Koninklijke Theodorus Niemeyer B.V. from Groningen, the Netherlands since 1819.

I couldn't find any information on the Internet (how cool!), but if you should find it let me know. I take an interest in such things (call me addicted, I don't care).

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