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The largest city in the north of the Netherlands and also capital of the province of Groningen. From Amsterdam it takes two hours of travelling to the historical train station of this city with about 170.000 inhabitants. Apart from the central station, tourist attractions include the Groninger Museum (designed by the Italian architect Mendini), the Golden Age houses, the canals, the Martini tower and an architectual miracle called the Gasunie building. Thanks to the large student population, the city is a great place to drink and dance. Just follow the crowd to the Grote Markt and the Poelestraat.

The province of Groningen mainly consists of flat farmland. To the west lies Friesland, to the south Drenthe, to the east Germany and to the north it's nothing but water until Scandinavia. Other cities than the province capital include Delfzijl, Veendam, Appingedam and Winsum, of none of which I can point out a reason to visit. Tourist attractions outside the city of Groningen include the seal center in Pieterburen and the Hortus in Haren.

Famous people from Groningen: none. Famous drink: Beerenburg. Famous smoke: Javaanse Jongens. Famous historical person: Bommen Berend. Famous sports feature: start of the Giro d'Italia in 2002 (no kidding).

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