If you are among those who have heard how great "jelly bean shots" taste, but have not yet tried, I warn you: Do so at your own grave risk.

Jelly bean shots are the distant cousin of jell-o shots. For those unfamiliar with the idea, jelly bean shots involve dropping 10 or 15 jelly beans of the same flavor into a bottle of vodka and waiting at least one week as the outer shell (and much of the inner jelly) dissolves. The idea, of course, is for the candies to flavor your alcoholic beverage.

I tried this with about a dozen green apple "Jelly Belly" jelly beans, giving them two weeks to dissolve. After shaking the bottle thoroughly, I proceeded to pour a shot for myself and down it.

Even before the taste registered, the texture of the drink made me want to gag. Because I had allowed the entire beans to dissolve, I was left with a silky, even chunky consistency of vodka. As this slithered down my throat, it took a great deal of will power not to simply bow down and worship the porcelain god.

Then the taste hit. In addition to the vodka (not my favorite drink, but supposedly the only one with which this recipe "works"), the Jelly Bellies added a sickeningly sweet taste sensation.

Somehow, I was able to hold off on vomiting. Still, the entire experience caused me to wonder: if this is what green apple Jelly Belly shots taste like, imagine the buttered popcorn variety!

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