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Not many in this world can make a deep impression in others lives; there are only those few who are special.

Once not long ago, in this almost perfect society, came a little girl who isn't like others. She was born with no father, and a mother who isn't always there. Her hard struggle with surviving was already determined from the minute she marched on this earth.

In the beginning her mother tried to take care of her. But gradually the responsibility became greater, maybe with fear or some feeling of unwillingness, her mother had started to neglect her. Perhaps it was intentionally meant by her mother, but the harm is done.

As Jen grew older, her mother had brought boyfriends home. Since the community Jen lived in was not a normal upper class one (as we may say), the men her mother chose to be with had tempers and uncontrollable desires, to which would cause them do violent things, and raping jennifer.

All this must seem unreal to others, but none of this is false. Jen's mother is aware of what is going on in the house, yet she is in a state of denial. People are usually that way when bad things happen to them, since they are the one who is involved in the situation, and cannot see the whole picture of things.

The worse is yet to come. Jen's mother started to not come home. At first it was a day, then it became a week, two weeks, a month, three months. At that period of time, Jen is a teen already. She is in a time when she needs her parents the most, yet there is no one there to tell her what to do, how to do, and what not to do. She was involved in some gruesome things, such as heroin addiction.

Later on she ended up in a hospital, but it was not for the drug addiction, it was for leukemia. That is where she met two of her future roommates - Becky and Tiffany. Becky and Tiff took Jennifer in after she shared her story with them. Becky is the one who understands the most, since her own personal story resembles much like Jen's story, if not worse.

When Jen was living with Becky and Tiffany, that was when the change all begins. She was before a very bitter person, someone who would swear at anyone, any point of the day. After she stayed with Becky and Tiff, she had controlled her anger towards this world, and actually became quite sweet. No one should blame her attitudes, because they do not really know the situation.

Jen started the medicines on leukemia. That wasn't long ago, but there is nothing for the doctors to do (?!?!?). They said she is in stage four of leukemia, chemotherapy and everything doesn't realy help her anymore.

She couldn't talk, could only speak in a dry whisper, and that was the saddest part. She had beautiful voice, before she would sing in melodic alto, and others would stop and listen. But she lost that.

Then her beautiful long brown hair start to fall out also, a grip by grip, till almost nothing there. Do all these things make her depressed? Yes, it should make anyone depressed, and that was one of the reason she tried to suicide. She didn't succeed.

She played incredible chess games. She had not learn chess when she was little, like most masters had. But she had this great talent for chess, her ability to analyse, to form strategies, or to look for a plan is unbelievable. She wasn't a member of USCF, but she did play online, and beaten many players. Her vision was very bad during her last days, she didn't play chess then; but it was something she joked about before, she would say that the game would be drawn, or called a draw on half of hear death. (But that wasn't her character of course, she would play till death)

It is a very strange thing to see she go, to know that Jennifer doesn't exist anymore. She had passed for almost two years now, and we (her friends) miss her.

She had made a wish list, and it is as the following:
A King-size bed with 2 down pillows and a down comforter
A Pair of Nikes
Some pantyhose
A new dress
A solid cherry chess set
An Exercise outfit
A CD Player
Some CDs
Complete works of Nelson DeMille
My own room with a heater in it
Go to disney world

She had passed 5:17am March 27th, 2000; when she was 17.
And this, was her story.

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