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Jerome Baker is one of the premiere makers of fine hand blown glass. In other words, he makes some rather fantastic bongs. The water pipes of Mr. Baker are usually referred to by his name, i.e. "get The Baker," or "grab the JB."

These prized possessions are an indispensable part of any hardcore smoker's arsenal. Usually measuring between 16" and 24", these artistic creations are made with complex and colorful designs embedded within thick glass (usually between 5 and 9mm). Typical JB pieces also tend to have such sculptured objects as colorful frogs or alien designs. Many of these pieces are made with color changing glass which will deepen or change in color through extensive smoking of green leafy substances.

JBs typically run in the range of $200-$300. They can be sometimes difficult to find as demand for the product is very high (pun very much intended). The holy grail of many smokers is the JB Mothership. The Mothership is traditionally priced at $420 and is the largest and most ornate of Mr. Baker's product line.

More information about Jerome Baker and examples of his work can be found at http://www.ghettoweb.com/ and also at http://www.jeromebaker.com

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