Probably the rawkinest rawk drummer that ever rawked. Jimmy came from a jazz background, and was a friend of James Iha's around the time that the Smashing Pumpkins were told to lose the drum-machine. He joined the band, and since then he's been pounding the skins into infinity.

Oh, except for that nasty kicked-out-of-the-Pumpkins-because-I-abused- heroin-and-during-the-Mellon-Collie- tour-I-shot-up-with-touring-keyboardist-Jonathan-Melvoin-in-New-York-and-when-I-woke-up-he-was-dead thing.

During the three years between the MC&IS tour and when a recovering Jimmy rejoined the Pumpkins, he was in a band called the Last Hard Men.
He used to be a carpenter, and when the Smashing Pumpkins come to an end, he's going to become a professional race-car driver.

(Jimmy always was a little nutty).

Since the demise of The Smashing Pumpkins, Jimmy married a former ballerina, Lori, and had a daughter, Audrey Ella.

Most notably, he played in Billy Corgan's last band, Zwan, and their acoustic permutation, The Djali Zwan. With those bands now also broken up, he has been busy touring the country holding drumset workshops, designing a signature snare drum, and recording his debut solo album.

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