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Johannes Itten, born 1888 in Süderen-Linden, Switzerland, died 1967 in Zürich, painter and painting educationist.

Studied Painting from 1913-1916 with Adolf Hölzel at Stuttgart's Academy. First own exhibition in Berlin's gallery "Der Sturm" 1916. Founded his own art school in Vienna.

Master at the Bauhaus Weimar 1919-1923. Became a central figure of the early Bauhaus by developing the Bauhaus Precourse that became very influential to the pedagogical concept and the later education of artists at Bauhaus. "Master of Form" in the metal workshop, temporarily of wall- and glasspainting.

Relocates to Switzerland 1923. Founds school of art in Berlin 1926, ("Itten school" after 1929), existant until 1934.

Director of a school of textile design in Krefeld from 1932 to 1938. After his emigration to Switzerland, director of the school of applied arts in Zürich. Superintendent of the Museum Rietberg for extraeuropean art in Zürich from 1949 to 1956.

After 1955, free painting and elaboration of his teaching doctrine. Course on color at HfG Ulm.
source: bauhaus.de

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