bank robber, murderer

Born: 6/22/03
Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
Died: 7/22/34

Infamous master of the bank heist, Dillinger was particularly well known for his body count. He ruled the mid-west during the early '30s and captured national attention with skilled robberies followed by daring jail-breaks.

Incarcerated for armed robbery in 1924, he was paroled in 1933 and decided to quickly rob a bank in Bluffton, Ohio. On October 12, 1933 three escaped prisoners whom Dillinger knew from his previous prison term killed the sheriff at the Lima, Ohio prison and freed Dillinger. Dillinger's gang continued on their murderous rampage robbing banks and police arsenals throughout Indiana and Illinois.

The law caught back up with John in January of 1934, Johnny answered with another escape after three months. He stayed on the loose until July when he was turned in by Anna Sage outside of the Biograph Theater in Chicago.

Dillinger went out Butch Cassidy style -- guns blazing in a tragic case of out-numbered. The FBI gunned him down as he tried to escape.

So, uh, don't do drugs, kids!

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