Dillinger Four is a punk rock band from St. Paul, MN. They were formed in 1994. They are composed of:

  • Erik Funk: Guitars, vocals, sexy marketing tool
  • Patrick Costello (St. Patrick, Paddy): Bass, vocals, has a tattoo that reads "HOW MUCH ART CAN YOU TAKE?" across his back
  • Lane Pederson (Monkey Hustle): Drums, won't eat a grilled cheese sandwich because "it doesn't make sense"
  • Bill Morrisette (Billy): Guitar, vocals, runs Extreme Noise Records, uptown Minneapolis

    and used to have

  • Sloan: Guitar, vocals

D4 tends to have a pretty poppy sound for a punk band, but still manages to keep a sloppy edge to it. Most of their choruses are shout-alongs, which also adds to their appeal. They seem to buck the trend of being punk for punk's sake, and just have fun. This attitude is evident through witty, if not deep, songwriting. They have been on Mutant Pop, No Idea, and Hopeless, and have recently signed on to Fat Wreck Chords.


  • 1997: More Songs About Girlfriends and... (EP)- Mutant Pop
  • 1998: Midwestern Songs of the Americas - Hopeless
  • 1999: This Shit is Genius - No Idea
  • 2000: Versus God - Hopeless
  • 2000: Dillinger Four/Pinhead Gunpowder (Split)(EP) - Adline

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