The Dillinger Escape Plan:

Spastic Jazzy Metalcore Grind Fusion. Sure. Or just music? Most people hear nothing but a wall of the noise the first time someone plays them Calculating Infinity. Dillinger Escape Plans latest LP. After a few listening you begin to hear that wall of noise shatter and reconstruct itself into music. So much music in-fact that's it frightening. Polyrhythmics shredding each other apart like caged wolverines. Meter changes that will leave you with whiplash, and a sound so discordantly beautiful you will become un-reversably addicted. On that note ... clip the apex ... accept instructions.

The Dillinger Escape Plan's current official discography:

It should also be noted that there were two more official releases. A split EP was done with Nora that featured some live versions of songs off their Under the Running Board EP. Another EP was recorded with Drowningman and that too had songs that were contained in previous DEP releases.

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