John Homatas is felon convicted for a 2006 triple DUI aggravated vehicular homicide .

On January 4, 2006 John and his friend, Anthony C, patronized Diamonds Gentlemens' Club in West Chicago, Illinois, which featured full nude dancing and a BYOB "bottle service." They were served to the point of intoxication over a period of two hours.

After being over-served, John was discovered vomiting in the restroom. John and Anthony were removed from the establishment by Diamond's employees who then put John in the driver seat of his Jeep Cherokee and sent the two inebriates into harm’s way, northbound to a riverboat casino in Elgin, Illinois.

Concurrently, April Simmons, an employee of that same riverboat casino had finished her work shift and was driving southbound on Illinois state Rt. 25 in her Chevrolet Tacoma. April was eight months pregnant.

Traveling recklessly on northbound Rt. 25, passing illegally across the double yellow line at an estimated 80 MPH, John struck the southbound vehicle driven by April Simmons head on.

Anthony C, April Simmons, and her unborn child were pronounced dead at the scene. John sustained serious injuries to his legs but survived the initial impact. He was rescued from his vehicle, which had caught fire, by a good samaritan,

John was charged with ten crimes and pled "not guilty," on the defence that it was not he, but Anthony C. who was driving. He was convicted of one count of aggrivated DUI/vehicular homicide, one cound of reckless homicide and another count of reckless homicide to an unborn child. He was sentenced to twelve years in prison for the first conviction and another 48 months for each of the latter convictions.

Currently on parole, John is scheduled to be discharged on January 7, 2020.


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