He first started recording in the early 70s with a Modern Lovers line up including Jerry Harrison on keyboard, David Robinson on drums and Ernie Brooks on Bass. However his first record was not released until 1976 and by this time Richman had left behind the original line up. Up stepped the now more famous selection of Leroy Radcliffe (guitar), Greg Keranen (bass) and David Robinson remaining on drums.

It was with this line-up that Richman and The Modern Lovers hit the big time. In 1979 Jonathan went solo with Back in your Life and since then has produced many other solo records including some with new Modern Lover line-ups.

The musical versatility of Richman is shown with Jonathan goes Country and ¡Jonathan, Te Vas A Emocionar!, a record of Spanish influenced tracks all sung in Spanish. Richman is still touring the US and is known, if at all, to the younger generation for his role in the film There's Something About Mary.

I love this guy's music. From his the inane to the heart rendering this man's lyrics vary from absurd to curiously apt. He has an ability rare among songwriters these days of condensing emotions and ideas into a delightful 2 and a half minutes. It's not just the lyrics of the songs that hit home. There are excellent guitar solos and wonderful backing vocals. Richman and his Modern Lovers shamelessly doo-wop and scoo-bop in the background and this adds an innocent and real quality to their songs.


ML - The Modern Lovers (1976)
ML - Rock 'n' Roll With The Modern Lovers (08/1977)
JR & ML - Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers (10/1977)
ML - Modern Lovers 'Live' (11/1977)
JR & ML - Back In Your Life (02/1979)
ML - The Original Modern Lovers (07/1981)
JR & ML - Jonathan Sings! (1983)
JR & ML - Rockin' And Romance (06/1985)
JR & ML - It's Time For (1986)
JR & ML - Modern Lovers 88 (1988)
JR - Jonathan Richman (1989)
JR - Jonathan Goes Country (1990)
JR - Having A Party With Jonathan Richman (1991)
ML - Live At The Longbranch Saloon (1992)
JR - I, Jonathan (1992)
ML - Precise Modern Lovers Order (1994)
JR - ¡Jonathan, Te Vas A Emocionar! (1994)
JR - You Must Ask the Heart (05/1995)
JR - Surrender To Jonathan (10/09/1996)
ML - Live At The Longbranch And More (1998)
JR - I'm So Confused (10/1998)


Roadrunner/Pablo Picaso Unknown ML
Roadrunner/It Will Stand 08/1975 JR & ML
New England/Here Come The Martian Martians 1976 JR & ML
Egyptian Reggae/Ice Cream Man 1977 JR & ML
Roadrunner Once/Roadrunner Twice 07/1977 JR/ML
Egyptian Reggae/Rollercoster By The Sea 10/1977 JR & ML
Buzz, Buzz, Buzz/Abdul & Cleopatra 1978 JR & ML
Cleopatra/Astral Plane (Flying Live In London) 1978 JR & ML
My Little Kookenhaken/Roadrunner Thrice 1978 JR & ML
South American Folk Song/Ice Cream Man 1978 ML
The Morning Of Our Lives/Roadrunner (Thrice) 01/1978 JR & ML
New England/Astral Plane 03/1978 ML
Abdul & Cleopatra/Oh Carol 07/1978 JR & ML
Buzz, Buzz, Buzz/Hospital (Live) 10/1978 JR & ML
Lydia/Important In Your Life 03/1979 JR & ML
Egyptian Reggae/Morning Of Our Lives 07/1981 JR & ML
Egyptian Reggae - Exclusive Remix 1982 JR
That Summer Feeling/This Kind Of Music 07/1984 JR & ML
That Summer Feeling/This Kind Of Music/Tag Game 07/1984 JR & ML
I'm Just Beginning To Live/Circle I 08/1985 JR & ML
I'm Just Beginning To Live/Circle I/Shirin And Fahrad 08/1985 JR & ML
California Desert Party/When Harpo Played His Harp 1988 JR & ML
Egyptian Reggae/Roadrunner 1989 JR & ML

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