Democratic Senator from Delaware

Biden has served in the senate since 1973. Biden grew up in New Castle County, Delaware. He graduated from the University of Delaware in 1965, and then from the Syracuse University College of Law in 1968. He practiced law in Wilmington Delaware and served on the New Castle County Council from 1970 to 1972 before entering the senate. Since 1991, Biden has been an adjunct professor at the Widener University School of Law, where he teaches a seminar in constitutional law. He is married to the former Jill Jacobs, and has three children: Beau, Hunter, and Ashley; and three granddaughters: Naomi, Finnegan and Roberta Mabel.

Biden is best know for his work on foreign affairs. He is the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. He led the effort to ratify the Chemical Weapons Convention and in 1998 led the effort to expand NATO. He also works to create legislation to curb proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Along with foreign affairs Biden is a leader on anti-crime and drug policy. In the past decade every piece of major crime legislation has been authored by him, including the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act (1994), which includes the Violence Against Women Act. He was the author of the law creating the national "drug czar".

His committees:

His contact information is:

221 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-5042

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