Jr. Pac-Man
System: Atari 2600
Produced By: Atari
Model #: CX26123
Released: 1987
Players: one
Controller: Joystick
Rarity: 2 - common

This is the seventh of the Pac-Man series of games. It's also the last Pac-Man game to grace the screens of the 2600.

Features added in this release include a beanie on the head of our beloved yellow hero, and moving bonuses which can alter the gameboard. When a prize hits a pellet, it makes it larger, and increases its point value. The drawback is that it slows you down to digest the larger pellets.

The most interesting new feature is vertically scrolling mazes. Rather than having the maze size restricted to the screen size, this one allows for vertically larger mazes. In the arcade release (by Midway) the screen scrolled horizontially. Since the mazes are larger, there are now six 'power dots' that allow you to eat the ghosts per level.

This version also lacks the previously helpful warp tunnels on the sides of the mazes.

During the cut scene sequences between levels a drama unfolds of young Jr. Pac meeting and falling for a young Ghost girl. Of course, the parents don't quite approve, etc. It's an interesting moral addition for such an early video game, and quite nice to see.

Going price is about $4.00 for an un-opened copy.

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