Latin for "Rejoice in the Lamb"; the title of a long religious poem by Christopher Smart about Jesus and life in general, written while he was confined for insanity.

I'm noding this poem because I think it is a work of genius. Jubilate Agno was written during the author's incarceration in a London madhouse from 1758-1763. This work is easily 200 years ahead of its time. It reminds me of the early Surrealist poetry of Guillaume Apollinaire, particularly Zone. I think it also shares a lot with some of Allen Ginsberg's epic poems (Kaddish comes to mind).

I won't be noding lines 695-768 (the end of Fragment B) as this has already been noded under For I Will Consider My Cat Jeoffrey. This is the only part of the poem which has been widely published.

Jubilate Agno - Fragment A

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