Subtitled: Why I Love E2

This brief snippet of catbox (appropriately named, you'll see) chat is reproduced to offer homage to a dear departed noder as well as demonstrate a bit of why I consider E2 the first 'online community' to which I really belong. I don't think any of us had actually met the noder in question IRL, but we had done better…we had his nodes and his master's voice - although I really don't think sensei would call himself Dai-Un's master, really…probably more like companion.

Feb. 3rd, 2001 ~06:22 UTC (server time)

The Custodian is silent for a minute in honor of departed Dai-Un
anotherone misses dai-un
<Rancid_Pickle> Oh, Damn! That sucks
Rancid_Pickle will remain silent for 1 minute in honor of Dai-Un
qousqous Is silent for a minute . .. E2 misses Dai-un
<Infinite Burn> ...

…the chatterbox is silent for around 5 minutes…

The Custodian offers a warm headscritch to Dai-Un and hopes he receives it.
qousqous offers up a nice bowl of warm milk to follow
deeahblita pouts and wishes she could get this bottle open to pass some around for a toast to Dai-Un :(
<qousqous> Wine or not, to Dai-un!
<The Custodian> To Dai-Un. (/me swigs)
deeahblita raises a glass of soy milk to Dai-un!
<Gone Jackal> would it be inappropriate to pour malt on the ground for Dai-un?
kslawson toasts to Dai-Un
<The Custodian> Nope.
Infinite Burn will put some catnip out for our departed noder and friend
Gone Jackal then pours some for Dai-Un, and toasts to our Sensei
Infinite Burn wonders if some god could put the picture of Dai-un from sensei's homenode on Dai-un's homenode...
<hackthemainframe> oh my god. as soon as I heard, my nose immediately started to bleed
<qousqous> I couldn't believe it when I found out this afternoon. I thought I was going to start crying in the computer lab
Infinite Burn as a tribute
<Infinite Burn> Dai-un was one of the charms that made me so fascinated by E2
<qousqous> I can just imagine Dai-un, with his serious expression, standing up on Sensei's lap, tapping away at the keyboard. . .

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