Dai-un is no longer with us

I was disturbed and deeply saddened this afternoon to read on sensei's homenode a note from Jinmyo: Dai-un died on February 1st, 2001.

Dai-un, or Vast cloud as his name translates to English, was everybody's favorite feline noder. Sensei claimed that Dai-un dictated all of his nodes, which is indeed a good thing given that Dai-un's typing skills were subpar:

09898-00---0hi_{9-=9hhn'pter65s436542;od'!!! hehehehhkjcxhlhkl;;?"

On sensei's homenode, Jinmyo comments, "I know how much Dai-un meant to sensei. They were together almost every day and night for almost 28 years."

Sensei, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I know how difficult this must be, especially in your time of illness. My thoughts and wishes, and those of all E2, are with you.

Dai-un, we will miss you. Wherever you may be, I have a message for you:

Hee hEEe heE

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