(A Nodeshell Commando Action)

Dai-Un has put away desire. His followers have achieved a total lack of desire. Even his monkeys know that while a banana may be yummy, it is nothing compared to the path. I longed for enlightenment (but did so without longing too terribly much and came to Dai-Un to find out how enlightenment may be attained by me. I figure if a monkey has achieved it so can I.

Upon arrival, I asked the monkeys why I was there. They did not want to tell me. I offered them money, but they did not want it. Warm food, did not want it. Yummy cookies, they did not want it. I asked Dai-Un why his monkeys did not want the yummy cookies. He asked me what yummy cookies are compared to the path.

I was taught the path and I desired it very much. Dai-Un kept telling me the more I wanted it the more I would not get it. I would ask him what he meant and he would say "You hear but you do not listen."

All I've ever wanted is to not have to fake it. to find the path. To get the spiritual yummy cookies.

Is it fair that because I want it so badly I can never attain it and yet those who have no regard for the yummy cookies will be heaped with them?


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