I needed to have a little cry all morning and then I read good reasons to miss someone by icicle.

You might need to read it before you go any further.

In my life I've missed people; I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the person I've spent the most time and tears missing has been my SO. But when I've missed people it's been by choice, - not because they have been taken away from me, but because we have decided to go away from each other.

I am trying to make a choice at the moment. So is my SO.

This choice - whether to put ourselves through the pain of missing each other - took me to the verge of tears.

Icicle reminded me that others are not given the privilege of choice.

Everything went blurry and I had to go to the toilets at work and have a little cry.

I cried because I realised that if he was taken away from me, I would do anything to bring him back, yet I was considering bringing it upon myself.

Now my eyes are all red.

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