If a female goes into the toilets of a bar or nightclub and starts crying and the cause is vaguely related to relationships or men, the following conversation will inevitably take place when the other women try to comfort her:

Woman A (crying): I look like such an idiot... but I love him/ hate him/ can't believe he said that/ can't believe he did that.

Woman B: Don't worry about him, you're so much better than him.

Woman C: Yeah, you don't need him. All guys are fucked, anyway.

Woman A (still crying, snot kind of running but she's rubbing it around her face in the hope that no-one will see it): But I thought he was different...

Woman C: We all think that, but none of them are. They're all fucked .

Woman B: No, my boyfriend's different. Really. He's sweet.

Another woman comes out of a stall (a twobicle, perhaps?) and walks to the basin.

Woman D: He'd be no different from the rest of them. We're all better than them, guys are just there to entertain us, for a good fuck now and then. Come on, get a drink, we can have fun without them.

Woman A has finished her sobbing and is ready for another drink, and follows Woman D out.

Later, the women will walk past each other in the club and a) pretend they've never seen each other before, or b) pretend they've been friends forever and know the intricate dealings of their relationships.

This occurs on a regular basis in Newcastle clubs, and there's no reason to believe this is a geographically isolated incident. Very sad and disturbingly common, the ideology behind the dialogue is based around the notion of sisterhood and female empowerment battling the sexist, crazy men on this earth. Or so the drunken women think at 2:30 in the morning.

Interestingly enough, this conversation only occurs in nightclubs and pubs where alcohol is consumed in huge amounts. Co-incidence? No, of course not...

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