You know when you have one of those parties?
You are sitting around with family or friends and some chick (probably Sheila or Jaimee) is just acting bizarre. Like saying outrageous things and giggling at the top of her lungs, etc.
Eating all the chili in less then ten minutes.
Knocking things off tables and stuff.
Trying to sit on your boyfriends lap even though you are already there.
*If this bitch tries one more stupid move, I'm going to stab her with this plastic butter knife*

This is one of those parties where you end up having a popcorn fight, precipitated by a remote control power struggle.
A spitting contest in the backyard
A 'who can eat the most chili in one minute' contest.
*Forget that, Sheila's already polished it off, now she's hogging the bathroom.*

All you want to do at this point is go home and sleep in a quiet cool place.
Fat chance of that happening anytime soon.
See, the problem over here is that Sheila happens to be your baby sister and what you want to know is:
She's only 16, for chrissake!

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