The only time I ever drink coffee is when I plan on spending a long night at Denny's or Jerry's with my friends where I can enjoy an endless amount of coffee. So when I first started going there with my friends I'd use 3/7 a packet of sugar and about 2/3 creamer cup (i found this to be the perfect ratio of coffee to creamer and sugar), and all would be well. That is until i drank about 5/8 of my cup, and the waitress would come around to fill it up again. And, much to my dismay, I would discover that the added coffee had destroyed the delicate balance of coffee, creamer, and sugar.

So I would have to sit there and think to myself..."I had 3/8 of a cup remaining when she came to refill the cup. How much creamer and sugar would I need to reattain the balance I have lost?" I could usually not answer this question since the math confused me, so I would just spend the next 5 minutes mixing in small amounts of the additives until i found a relatively good semblance of what I desired. This sort of thing happened countless times over the course of my stay. I finally decided that the coffee gods where trying to tell me something. It was time to go black, because when you went black there were no ratios to worry about, and life became much simpler. Simpler, that is, once I got used to the taste.

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