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14:1 And Samson went down to Timnath, and saw a woman in Timnath of the daughters of the Philistines.
14:2 And he came up, and told his father and his mother, and said, I have seen a woman in Timnath of the daughters of the Philistines: now therefore get her for me to wife.
14:3 Then his father and his mother said unto him, Is there never a woman among the daughters of thy brethren, or among all my people, that thou goest to take a wife of the uncircumcised Philistines? And Samson said unto his father, Get her for me; for she pleaseth me well.
14:4 But his father and his mother knew not that it was of the LORD, that he sought an occasion against the Philistines: for at that time the Philistines had dominion over Israel.
14:5 Then went Samson down, and his father and his mother, to Timnath, and came to the vineyards of Timnath: and, behold, a young lion roared against him.
14:6 And the Spirit of the LORD came mightily upon him, and he rent him as he would have rent a kid, and he had nothing in his hand: but he told not his father or his mother what he had done.
14:7 And he went down, and talked with the woman; and she pleased Samson well.
14:8 And after a time he returned to take her, and he turned aside to see the carcase of the lion: and, behold, there was a swarm of bees and honey in the carcase of the lion.
14:9 And he took thereof in his hands, and went on eating, and came to his father and mother, and he gave them, and they did eat: but he told not them that he had taken the honey out of the carcase of the lion.
14:10 So his father went down unto the woman: and Samson made there a feast; for so used the young men to do.
14:11 And it came to pass, when they saw him, that they brought thirty companions to be with him.
14:12 And Samson said unto them, I will now put forth a riddle unto you: if ye can certainly declare it me within the seven days of the feast, and find it out, then I will give you thirty sheets and thirty change of garments: 14:13 But if ye cannot declare it me, then shall ye give me thirty sheets and thirty change of garments. And they said unto him, Put forth thy riddle, that we may hear it.
14:14 And he said unto them, Out of the eater came forth meat, and out of the strong came forth sweetness. And they could not in three days expound the riddle.
14:15 And it came to pass on the seventh day, that they said unto Samson's wife, Entice thy husband, that he may declare unto us the riddle, lest we burn thee and thy father's house with fire: have ye called us to take that we have? is it not so? 14:16 And Samson's wife wept before him, and said, Thou dost but hate me, and lovest me not: thou hast put forth a riddle unto the children of my people, and hast not told it me. And he said unto her, Behold, I have not told it my father nor my mother, and shall I tell it thee? 14:17 And she wept before him the seven days, while their feast lasted: and it came to pass on the seventh day, that he told her, because she lay sore upon him: and she told the riddle to the children of her people.
14:18 And the men of the city said unto him on the seventh day before the sun went down, What is sweeter than honey? And what is stronger than a lion? and he said unto them, If ye had not plowed with my heifer, ye had not found out my riddle.
14:19 And the Spirit of the LORD came upon him, and he went down to Ashkelon, and slew thirty men of them, and took their spoil, and gave change of garments unto them which expounded the riddle. And his anger was kindled, and he went up to his father's house.
14:20 But Samson's wife was given to his companion, whom he had used as his friend.

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Book: Judges
Chapter: 14

Samson desires a Wife of the Philistines. (1-4) Samson kills a
lion. (5-9) Samson's Riddle. (10-20)

1-4 As far as Samson's Marriage was a common case, it was weak
and foolish of him to set his affections upon a Daughter of the
Philistines. Shall one, not only an Israelite, but a Nazarite,
devoted to the Lord, covet to become one with a Worshipper of
Dagon? It does not appear that he had any reason to think her
Wise or virtuous, or any way likely to be a help meet for him;
but he saw something in her agreeable to his fancy. He that, in
the choice of a Wife, is only guided By his Eye, and governed By
his fancy, must afterwards thank himself if he find a Philistine
in his arms. Yet it was Well done not to proceed till Samson had
made his parents acquainted with the matter. Children ought not
to marry, nor to move towards it, without the advice and consent
of their parents. Samson's parents did Well to dissuade him from
yoking himself unequally with unbelievers. It seems that it
pleased God to leave Samson to follow his own inclinations,
intending to bring out good from his conduct; and his parents
consented, because he was bent upon it. However, his Example is
not recorded for us to do likewise.

5-9 By enabling him to kill a lion, God let Samson know what he
could do in the strength of the Spirit of the Lord, that he
might never be afraid to look the greatest difficulties in the
Face. He was alone in the vineyards, whither he had rambled.
Young people consider not how they exposed themselves to the
roaring lion that seeks to devour, when they wander from their
prudent, pious parents. Nor do men consider what Lions lurk in
the vineyards, the vineyards of red wines. Our Lord Jesus having
conquered Satan, that roaring lion, believers, like Samson, find
Honey in the carcass, abundant strength and satisfaction, enough
for themselves, and for all their friends.

10-20 Samson's Riddle literally meant No more than that he had
got Honey, for Food and for pleasure, from the lion, which in
its strength and Fury was ready to devour him. But the victory
of Christ over Satan, By means of his humiliation, agonies, and
Death, and the exaltation that followed to him, with the Glory
thence to the Father, and spiritual advantages to his people,
seem directly alluded to. And even Death, that devouring
monster, being robbed of his sting, and stripped of his horror,
forwards the soul to the realms of bliss. In these and other
senses, out of the eater comes forth meat, and out of the
strong, sweetness. Samson's companions obliged his Wife to get
the explanation from him. A worldly Wife, or a worldly friend,
is to a godly Man as an enemy in the Camp, who will watch every
opportunity to betray him. No union can be comfortable or
lasting, where secrets cannot be intrusted, without danger of
being divulged. Satan, in his temptations, could not do us the
mischief he does, if he did not Plough with the Heifer of our
corrupt nature. His chief advantage against us arises from his
correspondence with our deceitful hearts and inbred lusts. This
proved an occasion of weaning Samson from his new relations. It
were Well for us, if the unkindness we meet with from the world,
and our disappointments in it, obliged us By Faith and Prayer to
return to our heavenly Father's House, and to Rest there. See
how little confidence is to be Put in Man. Whatever pretence of
friendship may be made, a real Philistine will soon be weary of
a true Israelite.

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