Judy Hauff is one of Chicago's most prominent Sacred Harp singers and composers. Among others she has written, four of her hymns were included in the 1991 edition of The Sacred Harp: "Ainslie," "Granville," "Stony Point," and "Wood Street." Her compositional style fits well within the shape note idiom, but it is nonetheless distinctive. She is especially good at fitting together moving parts, and she is not afraid to use unusual harmonies or experiment with modes. For this reason, Judy's compositions tend to be more difficult to sight-read than the average Sacred Harp tune.

Judy has recorded the following CDs of shape note music, singing all four parts herself, using a multitrack recorder:

How Sweet the Minutes
(1996) shape note tunes from Wyeth's Repository of Sacred Music, a tunebook dating from 1810. Morning Trumpet Recordings, Chicago.
Angels on the Wing
(issued on cassette in 1991, re-issued in 1998 on CD) early American Christmas hymns from various sources. Most of these tunes can be found in Karen Willard's An American Christmas Harp (compiled 1994). Morning Trumpet Recordings, Chicago.

Judy is also a former member of the Chicago-based group Rotary Connection (1967).


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