Julia were an emo band. The members were Jeremy Miller, Matthew Jager, Chad and Noah. Last names for Chad and Noah are not mentioned in the liner notes to any releases.


They also had a song apiece on the Eucalpytus 2x7", We've Lost Beauty LP, and All The President's Men LP.

The LP was was a split release between Ebullition Records and Bloodlink Records. It was released in an unknown year, since neither the liner notes nor the LP sleeve mention a date. The tracks appearing on the LP are:

  1. Wait Mom And Dad
  2. Tongue Biting
  3. Peripherals
  4. Scarification
  5. Venus Be
  6. Trigger Happy
  7. Charge Versus Change
The sound tends towards DC style emo, with the guitar spitting out octave chords and the bassist working on darkly melodic basslines. Drums crash in the standard hardcore fashion, except maybe a bit slower.

The singer wails like he's insane. He always sounds as though he's about to break down and rip his hair out.

There was a CD release of the Julia LP, but it was very limited and is now out of print. I don't believe there are any plans in the works for a Julia discography CD.

Many thanks to Andy Radin for help with the discography.

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