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Oddly enough, the tenderest Dave Matthews Band song and the angriest Dave Matthews Band song are about the same exact girl.

In the early 90s, brilliant singer/songwriter and Dave Matthews Band front man Dave Matthews had been dating a woman named Julia Grey for quite some time. They were once very much in love with one another. The very first song Dave Matthews ever completely wrote was I'll Back You Up, which appears on the first Dave Matthews Band album, Remember Two Things.

The song is one of Dave's finest love ballads. It's perhaps one of the most fantastic portrayals of unconditional support ever put into music:

and your lips burn wild
thrown from the face of a child
and in your eyes
the seeing of the greatest few
do what you will, always
walk where you like, your steps
do as you please, I'll back you up

Yet Dave Matthews purposed marriage to Julia Grey three times, and each time, he had to face the humiliation of her denial. Their relationship crumbled after this, and they had a rather messy breakup.

In 1992, Dave began playing a song titled Halloween at most of his gigs. This song is one of Dave's most haunting songs and by far one of his angriest songs.

wait until I come and I will steal you
wait until I come I'll take your soul
wait until I come and I will steal you
wait until I come and I won't go

Just to put the nail even further into the coffin, Dave Matthews Band recorded a spiffed up version of the song for their 1998 album Before These Crowded Streets.

Dave has moved on, and has fathered twins with his wife of four years Jennifer Ashley Harper. Yet Julia Grey has faded into obscurity. Some suspected that the hit Dave Matthews Song, "Grey Street" was written about Julia, yet by now most consider this to be false.


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