An Academy Award winning actress for her role in the 1965 production of Darling.

Born in Chuka, Assam, India on April 14, 1941 of British parents, Ms. Christie grew up on a tea plantation. Later, studying in both India and England to become an artist and/or a linguist, she enrolled in the Central School of Speech Training in London. By 1957, it looked as if destiny was calling when she began stage work with the Frinton Repertory of Essex.

She shortly began an ongoing role in a British TV sci-fi drama, A Is For for Andromeda, and depending on sources, her first movie role was either in The Fast Lady in 1962 or Crooks Anonymous in 1963. Many roles throughout the next four decades have shown the extraordinary ability of this aging and yet amazing actress. She starred in numerous successful films, including Doctor Zhivago with Omar Sharif and three films (McCabe and Mrs. Miller, Shampoo, and Heaven Can Wait) with Warren Beatty, with whom she was romantically linked for a few years. Most recently, she was again nominated for Best Actress for her role in Afterglow with Nick Nolte.


  • 1962 Crooks Anonymous
  • 1962 The Fast Lady
  • 1963 Billy Liar
  • 1964 Young Cassidy
  • 1965 Darling
  • 1965 Dr Zhivago
  • 1966 Fahrenheit 451
  • 1967 Far From the Madding Crowd
  • 1968 Petulia
  • 1969 In Search of Gregory
  • 1971 The Go-Between
  • 1971 McCabe and Mrs Miller
  • 1973 Don't Look Now
  • 1975 Shampoo
  • 1978 Heaven Can Wait
  • 1981 Memoirs of a Survivor
  • 1982 The Return of the Soldier
  • 1982 Heat and Dust
  • 1985 Power
  • 1990 Fools of Fortune
  • 1996 Hamlet
  • 1997 Afterglow


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