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An update on the witchiepoo situation first outlined here: very good news. Donations have reached $1,775, which simply amazes me. 

I haven't spoken with Sarah in a few days, because her electricity was knocked out by a storm. As I understand it, her most immediate, pressing financial need has been met - the money raised will keep her from being evicted. A huge amount of that money came from E2 folk, and I don't think I can ever thank you enough.

She's just about to start a new job, has other opportunities lined up, and I believe she'll be back on her feet soon. I am no longer as desperately concerned for her financial safety as I was a week ago, but then again, rent is not her only bill, and her situation is still pretty tight.

Numerous people here and elsewhere have asked me to keep the chipin account going for a while, because they may be able to contribute after paying their first-of-the-month bills. It slays me that people who are watching their own dollars are willing to consider donating to someone who, in many cases, they don't even know. Of course, who could better understand the sick panic of just plain being out of money, than people who have been in that situation before, or close to it? Count this as #400 (?) of the things which have made me cry this past week. 

For these reasons I will be leaving the chipin account open through this coming week. I'm no longer so rabidly pleading for donations, but as always, if you are able to donate even $1, it will be deeply appreciated. The money goes straight into Sarah's paypal account (at which point she gets an email, at which point she cries).  If you have the time to send her an encouraging message, now would be an excellent time. She feels and appreciates it all.

I have been overwhelmed by the reception e2 folks have given this thing. I knew some good would come of it, dollar-wise, but I wasn't prepared for the flood of sweet messages that would be sent to me. I've been away a long time and didn't know how many people would be reading my posts. The answer was: enough. Enough very kind people to make a real difference.

I feel like I owe you guys something back, so the least I can do is node the best recipes I've relied on in my past few years as a pastry chef. You'll get those very soon. And then you will be fat and happy. :)

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