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I am certain I speak for Pandeists everywhere in offering our heartbroken condolences for the victims of the Aurora, Colorado shootings -- those injured by the gunman's bullets, those who escaped physical injury but experienced the trauma of being there during this horrid event, and those who lost loved ones this day. The perspective of Pandeism may do little to salve such pain, but know that Pandeists believe that we are all simply fragments of our Creator, existing so that our Creator could share in the awesome variety of experiences attending existence as our Universe, though it could not have known before such Creation the depths of pain which life in such a Universe could experience. But, in the end, Pandeists believe, all things return to one, and all lives share in oneness with our Creator, there for those whose lives brought joy and happiness to others to experience this joy and happiness just as it was received by others; and for those who bring anguish and suffering to other to equally experience this anguish and suffering as it was received by others.

We walk from this experience holding in our hearts the possibility that those who have suffered so undeservedly will experience an ultimate reward of sharing in lifetimes of positive experiences; and hopeful that, for the anguish and suffering brought into the world on this day, all men work together to create an overwhelming response of joyful and positive experience for all the world to share in.




In E2 news, there's a neat quest up, SuperMegaNodeFestQuest 2012. Shazam! It is quite enjoyable, if too quickly passing, and I encourage everybody to join, as there's still time to gather points for some good causes. One of the objects of the quest is to write a daylog. (suddenly looks around -- hey, wait a moment, a daylog!! Wish the circumstances inspiring it weren't so sad, tho.)


In auditing news:

Jack -- on page 4 of 12
Prole -- picked at random, on page 2 of 6
artman2003 -- just because -- on 2 of 10

Blessings, all!!

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