Yesterday was rough. Lack of sleep, a cranky stomach, a need for energy that never materialized, I tried to take a nap, but wasn't very successful. It was another day with all of us staring at various screens other than the actual nap my youngest took, and my attempted one. The girls went somewhere for lunch. They said Starbucks, but I doubt that this is the truth. Whatever garbage they brought home went straight into the dumpster so mom wouldn't know what it was. There's a certain defensive tone I hear when I'm being lied to by one of my children. There's also the fact that the name of the establishment you were just at should roll off your tongue without hesitation or stammering.

On a more positive note; we had a discussion on my children starting their own meth lab. This was discussed in depth and detail after my oldest came home from work. My youngest just started watching Breaking Bad so I'm sure a lot of this comes from that, and thankfully, not actual contact with anyone making meth, or consuming it. I pretended to take this news seriously, asked questions about venture capital, and other logistics. We talked about being wealthy and the fear that comes from knowing that no matter how much you have, you could still lose some or even all of it. Although the conversation was unconventional, we were in the same room all sharing the same topic, it felt like a pivotal parenting moment, and I'm glad we had it.

Meeting a friend for coffee today. Super tired, uninspired, but grateful to be alive.



P.S. A friend of mine sent me an article on how to help figure out who belongs in your life. Not done reading it yet, lots of good information though. It's also my youngest daughter's birthday. Every year it sneaks up on me...


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