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The problem is that Breitbart knowingly (if he truly did not know the whole video, he’s a terrible journalist) posted a snippet of video out of context to pillory a woman to make political points at the expense of race relations in this country.

If, as he says, the reason he posted was to show the audience’s reaction, he’s a liar there as well, because the audience reaction is taken out of context as well since we did not hear their very positive response at the end to the redemptive message given.

Of course there will be negative crowd response at a meeting of people who have been discriminated against, the woman herself had her father shot by a white man who a jury refused to convict. But the video in its entirety shows Sherrod bringing the audience forward into a better realization of the racial situation in America.

And she’s right, it isn’t race, it’s class. Poor sucks regardless of the color, and poor whites and blacks are fertile ground for racist hate speech from both sides blaming others for the problems that exist.

Misrepresenting the truth is wrong, professionally and ethically. Breitbart should at the absolute minimum apologize for the damage he has done.

Maybe, just maybe if this causes people to discuss race in intelligent ways it might have been worth it. But even a broken clock is correct a couple of times a day. Fearmongering pandering muckraking right-wing blowhards have done nothing for this country but hurt it to score cheap political points.

Everyone is oversensitive about race, and this crap does nothing to help. We both know that if the woman did not leave her post immediately and the charges were substantiated the press (led by Faux News) would have had a field day with it. Look at Rev. Wright and what was made of his (admittedly dumb, but not untrue – the tuskegee experiment did happen, one of the things Wright condemned America from the pulpit for) connection to the President.

So we have an environment where the idiots on both sides are grasping at everything they can find to discredit the other side.

At best, Breitbart is a hypocrite, doing the equivalent of posting one racist protester’s poster out of an entire teabagger (screw them, where were they during the Bush the lesser years) rally to tar the group. At worst he is a pandering race-baiting idiot who is fomenting race war because he wants to be important.

If you know anything about farm loans and recent history, you know Black farmers got prejudiced against, and that settlement has been held up by the GOP for ages. Systemic RACISM currently exists in banks to this day as demonstrated in their lending policies.

This country needs to have an honest discussion about race. Hopefully this idiot may create the environment where thinking people say “enough is enough” and sit down and discuss this problem as passengers on the same ship of destiny.

A choir (Welsh somehow
for after all that's what they do)
came around the side of the trees
or above them this morning

singing in a simple voice
as I stood on the deck
of this garden's ship
adrift alone undressed

on the wet wood of a sea spray
that had rained down
across the early daylight
New England land

(apologies for the repetition
but it should never be
a father's birthday
so soon after his death).

I woke up this morning to strangers having sex on my couch.

I just wanted pancakes for breakfast.

The man's naked white ass looked deflated. I only caught a glimpse. I walked back into my bedroom as soon as I saw it. I didn't decide to turn around. I just reacted. It was the same as pulling my hand away after touching a hot stove coil. His ass cheeks looked like pancakes that needed to be flipped.

The best time to flip is when the wet bubbles of batter pop and harden into pores. I thought I would give them a few minutes longer before checking again.

Were they my roomate's friends? Maybe they got drunk the night before and couldn't drive back. Maybe they were done by now and had quietly dressed and walked out the door.

White ass cheeks were still shuffling back and forth on my couch in the living room. When they firm up, you have to shake the pan so they don't stick to the bottom. Slide them around quickly, let them gain momentum while you mentally prepare yourself to make the spectacular mid-air flip.

I didn't say, "What the fuck are you doing on my couch?" as I walked past them into the kitchen. They were fucking on my couch. Starting low, rising up, making a forward scooping motion as you lift the pan into the air with both hands on the handle: that's how you make the world stand still while the pancake makes its slow, protracted half-rotation—going weightless at the absolute height of its arc and shuddering there for a timeless moment. Then, ounce by ounce, the earth regains its influence and the room pitches downward and the sinking pancake collapses back onto the heat of the greasy griddle.

The man had stepped into his jeans and was still dressing as he walked past me and out of my apartment. The girl was looking for her purse. Did she have a way to get home? She did and she just needed some help looking for her keys. We found them under a blanket. Did she want some coffee or anything to eat? No, she wasn't hungry. And neither was I.

This drives me batshit insane. They wait until the seas pick up and everyone's either sick or trying like hell to not get that way, and then down come the tasks requiring us to crawl around in confined, fume-filled places. Now, they decide to make us carry stuff all over the ship. You know what? Fuck that kind of crap. They're either sadistic or clueless.

If they're clueless, get a fucking clue. Not everyone's immune to seasickness, and even those that are can still fall ass over teakettle while carrying bulky objects. For those that aren't, Dramamine doesn't work instantly. Also, no, puking once does not make it go away*. "Man up and get over it" doesn't work either. It has nothing to do with being tough or a weenie. I know plenty of motion-immune weenies, and big tough macho-man muscleheads who run to ralph the first time things get a little rough. And the inverse.

And if they're sadistic, fuck that! We've been out here since fucking September with hardly a break. You wanna have fun by making the E-pukes cry? Your time for that shit is passed. Keep doing it and... well, let's just say not everyone has as much restraint as I do.

*For some people that does work. You get seasick, vomit, seasick no more. Doesn't work for me an lots of others. Get seasick, vomit, continue feeling awful, and now you've blown chunks besides. Ugh.

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