I let a week pass without a daylog, to see if that stimulated me to write other things. Got one out, more in my head.

I was thinking about writing about the latest Honda commercial campaign, but decided it unworthy of a full node. The essential theme is people going to a competing dealership, pointing out to the car salesman they are dealing with there that Honda has some superior feature or other, and then leaving when the dealer fails to effectively counter the points raised in favor of Honda cars. I think the intent of the commercial is to portray the competitors as lesser vehicles pawned off by lesser car salesmen, ones incapable of giving a fair answer (which, it seems, would be 'you're right, our cars suck, you ought to buy a Honda.')

Thing is, the commercials make Honda buyers look like assholes. Why in the blue fuck would you waste your time, and somebody else's going to another dealership simply to inform them that a) I am only interested in a car with feature 'x' or status 'y'; and b) I know for a fact that your cars don't have this and Honda's do, meaning that there is zero chance I'm going to buy anything from you. So my thought is, okay, well fuck you then. In one commercial, the car saleswoman asks, "were you this tough on the Honda dealer? I feel like you weren't." I feel she's right.

Here are the other two ads:
This one, where they talk with the squeaky voices
This one, where they're "just interested in the econ button" (which they know only Honda has)


In auditing news:

* borgo -- on page 12 of 20. Just about halfway.
* Jack is.... well, still next.


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