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This story is about a girl who is eighteen but looks like she's twelve. She's a ballet dancer, which you can tell the moment you see her stretch. Her body is a series of lazy lines, long and graceful, like calligraphy. I admire her a lot for this. Ballet is one of those things that you sweat a lot for at higher levels. And despite the fact that she sometimes looks ridiculously younger than she actually is, she's probably one of the prettiest chicks I know.

I don't see her as much as I'd like to. She left for school this semester, and we only get a chance to spend time together once or twice a month. When she finds a boyfriend and gets too busy with him to see me, I'm probably going to have to buy a sledgehammer and smash their dinner table to pieces on the date she ditches me for but that's a different story.

The day before she left this past weekend, we played Mario, the one where one of the power ups is a feather which, in a weird non-sequitur, granted you a yellow cape that let you spin attack Koopas and kick them around. This game is and always will be one of the greatest past times when you've got a friend you're comfortable with and nothing important to do. We played for like two hours, and swore like Halo gamers at Little Boos and Goombas and those weird fish. Video games aren't really as fun as they should be unless you really get into them. Sometimes you've got to criticize a cartoon turtle's parental lineage and be mocked in return by his arrogant cartoon smirk before you start to care about winning.

I hate Yoshi in this game. You so much as walk into something the wrong way and he ditches you and starts sobbing like a child as he scampers away. She likes him - "I like being buddies with him!" She says this like a child. We got into an argument over whether Yoshi was a turtle or a dragon. The answer to this is pretty obvious, I'm not even going to bother getting into it now. Anyways in the end we both agreed that the best part about Yoshi was the simple, dumb, but fun drum accompaniment that started playing whenever Mario mounted him, and that Mario had to hit Yoshi on the back of his skull to get him to eat stuff.

It's hard to be without her. When she left the next day I sent her a text,

5:34pm: you're like my yoshi. whenever we're together there's this cool drum in the background, and whenever you leave it goes away with you :(

She wrote back,

5:37pm: haha i totally agree! just don't donkey punch me

She is my best friend.

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