It's Father's Day today and I wrote both my father and my father-in-law a letter to express my apprecation to them.

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Dear dad,

                When I try to come up with my favorite memory with you I find it to be a hard task. The first images that come to mind include our father and son Alaskan trip as my graduation present. You went out of your way to make sure I was having a good time. And quite frankly, fishing and eating great food is never a bad time. In particular that apple-cinnamon salmon comes to mind. Other memories include you coaching our really terrible basketball team. I recall us losing most of our games haha, but it was fun. I also remember our backpacking hikes to Wayne’s Lake (G-60), the Wind Rivers, and many other adventures across Utah. Snowmobiling and shooting “At Your Leisure” was always a nice quick weekend of fun. Everything from ATVing to sleigh riding, to snow shoeing to a yurt (where they fed us one of my favorite meals of all times, rabbit. I also recall hot cider and a variety of cheese and crackers.)

You have always been the best example in my life for making good decisions. You always called upon your father for inspiration and made sure I knew and understood from a young age that you were there for me in the same fashion. I have always considered your advice above all others in making any sort of decision.

No other person in my life has convinced me that they love their job more than you. Today is a great example when at church I was approached by a brother who told me how excited your latest weather forecast was for you. He told me, “Your father was so excited because it only rains 11-percent of the time on Father’s Day, and it’s supposed to rain over an inch today making it a once in a 100 year storm for Father’s Day.” It made me smile and chuckle because I know how much you love the weather and how much you enjoy sharing that love with others.

I’m sure we will have hundreds of future memories together. I look forward to one day being able to see your old stomping grounds from the days of your mission I hope I will be able to take you back to Alaska someday and show you the good time you gave me. And maybe one day you will beat me at chess again, I doubt it, but maybe I’ll have an off day, who knows.


Love your favorite middle child,




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Dear (father-in-law),

                My favorite memory with you, while limited to only the past three years, could easily be labeled as any family outing. In particular the family outing to Huntington Beach, California was one of the most relaxing times in my life. You went out of your way to make everything an enjoyable time. Your positive team attitude of “What would you like to do,” will never be lost on me. Despite your own desires you always put the family’s first. You never forced anything on anybody. Well, you did once forcibly encourage (my wife) to ride the water raft ride in Sea World, but I can forgive that because it made one heck of a picture for a mug shot. And for those reading this down the line… I don’t mean “criminal” mug shot, I mean drinking cup with a grumpy (wife) face.

                Whenever we do something fun there always seems to be great picture opportunities. Whether it’s touching a dolphins fin, eating Thanksgiving on the balcony of one of the greatest views over Huntington Beach, or walking at the Gateway during the Chalk Art Festival. It’s not that I don’t think you’re photogenic; you probably used to be a much younger age, but it does go to show that you spend a lot of time with family.

                Long after you have passed away, and I have inherited your leather sofa, I will remember you as Paul the selfless family man. Your good example has always been seen by me as a positive impact on those around you. You aim to please those around you at great cost to yourself at times. Your service to the church and your service to your family will make it easy for you at the judgment seat to say you lived a Christ-like life.


Sincerely your favorite and least favorite son-in-law,

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