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I've been at my college orientation for the past two days. I would like to say that Michigan State University is a beautiful place with wonderful people and a plethora of programs that I wish I had enough money to be educated in other than my own.

However, orientation was absolutely brutal. Not in the content so much in the length of it and the fact that the halls we stayed in had no air conditioning to speak of. It was a stretch to make orientation a day and a half long, staying over-night. I can't even recall how many times I heard the same things over and over. At least I won't forget that I need to get along with my roommate (or at least get along well enough with her to live with her) and other common sense concepts such as that.

If you know one thing about MSU, other than its sports teams of course, you know that it is East Lansing. We walked all over the entire campus yesterday in 90 degree, humid weather. I would have been better if we had bikes, but I digress.

Regardless, none of this bothered me so much as the one girl who kept asking questions that had already been answered, if only she had been listening.

Moral of the story? I am very irritable when subjected to a high level of heat/humidity and cannot deal well with idiots.

What I should take away from that: learn to tolerate things and be less irritable.

We'll see if that happens.

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