this is really cool....

Ok, decided this am to let the AI lizard overlords of Youstub feed me music to see what it thinks I like. It's pretty interesting....also it got me to spend money. Clever bugger.

Lake Street Dive I want you back.

naadam cashmere advertisement. clever. I watched half.

small time giants

shakey groves yeah!

Ella and Louis!

??great flute Angel from Montgomery Hmmm, I gotta learn that flute part. One of grundoon's favorite songs, sigh.

Lake Street Dive Faith

Etta James

Mike and Ruthy

Lake Street Dive

Simon Lynge Paper Thin

Lake Street Dive: What I'm doing here

Drumbeat Simon Lynge

Folk Alley Sessions Mandolin Orange Blue Ruin

Lake Street Dive Side Pony

Oh, it's trying to remind me to get tickets to Lake Street Dive. I got distracted yesterday by my leg. I am in a boot now, saw ortho. Awaiting prior authorization approval for MRI. Fungk. Thanks for the reminder, AI, hope the damn concert is not already sold out.

Perpetual Now by Simon Lynge

There, bought my ticket. Thank you, AI overlizards... going to see Lake Street Dive later this year...

The Dead South Gunslinger's Glory. Yep, like them too...Hmmm. Want the album. Send it, AI lizard overlords!! And a dancable waltz... when I get the boot off my leg. Doubly hobbled, oxygen and a boot... they will NOT keep me down. 'Course it was ME that ramped up exercise too fast after two months of pneumonia and feeling terrible. But I was TEMPTED by the EXERCISE DEVIL....

Eagle Mountain String Band Just The Blues

Ella and Louis again Dream a little dream of me. I like the juxtaposition of moods: dark to light and back....AUGH! The AI overlizards think I am MOODY! The buggers is right too.

Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz, Aoife O'Donovan Crossin' Muddy Waters. New to me. I likes. Damn AI Overlizards probably saying, let's see, bet we can get her to buy 4 new albums.... heh. Well, overlizards, I appreciated and I IS tempted... but bought an entire box of CDs $1.00 each, mix of movie music CDs, more grrl than bouy groups, glee CDs and then a few weirdnesses thrown in. Yesterday I listened to Tina Turner double CD best of, Bette Middler sings Rosemary Clooney and Just Because I'm a Woman, all sorts of people sing Dolly Parton songs. FABULOUS!

Simon Lynge again. Saw him and his delightful wife at a party two days ago. yeah, the movie poster is a red herring All love comes back to you.

Mike and Ruthy were faculty at the Blues Fest two summers ago. I attended their classes and they were great. Bought a couple albums. I think I looked them up on giggle enough to add them to my feed. WHY isn't it feeding me any of the Devil Makes Three, I wonder? Or The Band. Or Lovin' Spoonful... heh... or When Dalliance Was In Flower and Maidens Lost Their Heads...Mike and Ruthy Freckled Ocean

Rusted Root Ecstasy. New to me. Hmmm.

Rag'n'Bone Man Only Human. Go AI! Good job! I really like it.

B has noted that he gets things in his feed related to stuff he has NOT searched on, but has talked to me on the phone about, or talked to his son on the phone about. My feed has a lot of bird stuff, cashmere, not so much clothes cuz I gots a lot and don't buy much, tap dance advertisements (on want list) and then all those classes: Joseph Campbell reading class, Physics, Medical shit, etc, etc. Book classes. Trauma treatment classes. But isn't it interesting that the cell phone conversation is factored in to the feed.... You aren't paranoid, you ARE being watched. Hi, AI overlizards, be nice!

Lake Street Dive I don't care about you.

Lake Street Dive How good it feels. Huh, it is changing the feed as it goes. Ok feed, feed me The Devil Makes Three.

Small Time Giants Don't got their albums. Want list. Heh.

Steel Wheels Promised Land So the AI overlizard running my feed has kept interposing songs before Taj Mahals Squat that Rabbit. Ok, AI, heads up: I gonna skip anything that you put up before Squat that Rabbit, so cut it the fungk out. But you are right, I love a capella and these guys are fab. Hot stuff, I think I've heard one other thing of theirs. More more more...guess I know what I am going to do while darn leg is healing. MUSIC. Possibly pay bills too. Heh. Maybe....

Taj Mahal Squat that Rabbit I LOVE this song though I don't know what the chorus means...and gosh, it makes me want to dance. No, no remember leg. I asked the ortho doc if I could twirl while wearing the boot. He said, "Athletes are a pain in the butt." "Can I swim?" Eyeroll. I know that swimming is hard on strains. "You could walk in the water," pipes up the medical assistant. "In the Sound?" I ask. My orthopedist manages to look cheerful through his mask. "Cold water is theraputic." he says cheerfully, apparently liking the idea of me wading in 55 degree water....'Course an ocean wet boot would be really yukky to wear the rest of the day. I DO have this album... thanks for listening, AAIOL.

Michael Kiwanuka Also new to me. Cold Little Heart. Bit weird. Me too.

Ryan Yunck The Cave. Ok, that I am adding to the feed. My cousin's son. He's really good. Listen up.

Mike and Ruthy again. Great song: Bright as You Can. Patten seems to be dark, light, silly, lather, rinse, repeat. Appropriate for post pnewMOANia hypoxic oxygenated anterior tibialis injured lizards. The Lizard Feed. Soon to be PATENTED.

making oatmeal for daughter. kinda heard.

Folk Alley Sessions: Elephant Revival Folk Alley Sessions: Elephant Revival birds and stars. Nice baritone. I miss my dad. Damn. B said yesterday I've been mother and father to my kids, and he's been mother and father to his once he lost his wife....

Mandolin Orange again so what do the numbers mean? 27, 26, 27, 27. Anybodies know?

The Stray Birds Hands of Man. Oooooo.

All riiiight! The AAIOL heard me! The Devil Makes Three Tow... wonderful... and dark...

Mumford and sons Hopeless wanderer. I like it. Americana, blues, and some joyous music. Ok, Bach too.

this one makes me want a cello again. Or a banjo. Gave my dad's to the first cousin once removed above....The Dead South. I like the music, the harmony and the video cracks me up too.

Ella and Louis again. MMMmm-hmmm Jazz about Love. Ooooo it's a WHOLE ALBUM. FAVORITE!!!

In other news, we are seeing an increase in Covid-19 in unvaccinated people in my county. Three hundred new cases, which might not sound like much, but our county only has 27,000 people. And we were under ten cases a week. The number of people hospitalized with Covid-19 is going up. And since we just had a holiday weekend, it will continue to rise. Especially if there are unvaccinated people with Covid-19 who get together unmasked with other ones indoors... Now I think I read that 25% of the Covid-19 is the more contagious strain in the US. Well, people are making their choices...

I did go to a party Saturday. We were asked not to come if we were unvaccinated or sick, the ages were my age and older, mostly, and it was outdoors.

Happy trails.

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