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I had the most amusing conversation with a telemarketer at possibly around this day. As a child I was abrasive and rude to telemarketers. In later years I tried to amuse myself by playing jokes. Recently I am simply polite and courteous, wishing them a good day but giving them a no thank you for whatever product they are selling.

Around this day I got a call from AT&T trying to sell me cable TV and faster internet, again. And I politely explained that I would consider the internet at a later date but did not watch TV. It took a little while for that to sink in. The conversation shifted to what I did instead. And what I do is come here. Well, at the end of it he was instead trying to sell me the idea of performing poetry. I mentioned that I tried to write and it seemed he did too. And he had a lovely experience in performing poetry live. He failed to sell me cable TV but he did succeed in persuading me to try performing poetry, should I get the chance. All in all, a rather enjoyable conversation.

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