You will do.” The voice says.

I notice I’m no longer at my table drinking coffee, prodding a cold egg with my fork. I am, rather, in a seemingly endless black void. There is a luminescent white point that appears to be speaking to me. Not just a spot mind you, but an actual singularity. I have no idea how I’ve discerned this, or how I can even see it, but that seems to be the way things are.

“Forgive my lack of enthusiasm. I’ve done this so many times that it is nearer a chore than the game I once began. I will give you two choices. Your only option is to choose one. You may live an eternal life of utmost joy and fulfillment while I destroy your entire dimension, or you may die now and save it.”

I don’t think I have the energy to question this situation.

“Did you intend to select a Nihilist for this?” I ask.

“It is true that altruism is not a trait conductive to my game. Many of your kind would not find this decision difficult. I have selected you because I could not predict your decision.”

“Well… I guess I need a moment to think.”

Many moments are allowed to pass.

“I do believe life is meaningless. But I am not avaricious. Eternal life would mean little to me. I suppose I might be a reluctant Nihilist. I once sought an end to meaninglessness, but have long given up. So then perhaps it is greed that leads me to choose death. If I were to artificially assign meaning to life, I would think that one life for a whole dimension is more meaningful than the reverse. So yes, my final decision is my own death. And…”


"Thank you.”


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