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With over 310,000 plays, and plenty of chart-toppers in various categories, Kahr is one of the most listened-to house groups on mp3.com. They have a very unique style, evident in any of their pieces. It'll remind you of disco, but not quite. Pretty much every track done by Kahr is house, mostly focused on Deep House and Filtered/Disco House.

Not much background information is available on Kahr, but from what is available I can tell you that they are based out of Stockholm, Sweden. Influences include Masters at Work and Deep Dish.

Recently, Kahr teamed up with DJ von Güntner. The music is moving away from that "fuzzy" disco-house feel to the sharper, cleaner Progressive House (or Trance House) school. A nice sample of this is evident in one of their newer songs, "Ibiza 2002". But fear not, Kahr is still loyal to their good old Deep House roots.

Here are some song picks:

  • Cummon - Nice discoey track. Not much to say, but clean production, and nice sound. Not for clubs, more of a "sit-down-and-listen" song."
  • Deep Down in Us - The Kahr style really comes out here, with a nice, flowing bassline that you barely notice, but have to love. Nice samples, really smooth-sounding feel.
  • Ibiza 2002 - Definitely for parties and clubs. This is one of those few songs that really shines when it is played LOUD. Trust me on this. This is Progressive Hauz at it's best.

Might I also mention that Kahr also has an alias on mp3.com going by the name of TECHNO and CT_KAHR. These will be catalogued in separate nodes, as they are quite different from the original Kahr. Now here's the sources and related links.



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