Kamikaze Synopsis

I hit Armadillos and Rabbits with my vehicle at least twice a year. They seem to have an affliction that forces them to attempt beating a 50-mph automobile. I wondered about the mindset that would prompt small furry creatures to madly dash as they do. Now the rabbits, the dear sweet rabbits, I have deemed as "kamikaze rabbits from hell" with objectives unknown except to destroy my day by succeeding in their quest.

Kamikaze Encounters

I leave before the sun comes up, dew still mingling with the fragile soft blades of grass, shimmering in the starlight along the roadside. Making sure that my bright lights are on, maybe they can be seen before its too late as I enter the grassy area where they live. As I approach, I spot the little bundles of supple delicate fir strategically crouched and positioned in the foliage on the side of the road. There they are, scheming, plotting their demise with their red reflective kamikaze eyes glowing with excitement as they see me drawing near. I slow to insure I can avoid confrontation and prevent the exodus of yet another assembly of suicidal bunny. Nevertheless, they always seem to tyrannize themselves through the grass and plummet into the path of one of my tires to their ruin. The poor bunnies that miss the rolling destruction, saddened by the thought of failure, have hopes of returning another day to confront my breaking dexterity in hopes of being victorious.

Kamikaze Preparedness

Maybe some day I will found a movement, "Save the Kamikaze Bunny Foundation" and raise money for "Bunny Crossing" signs across the nation to warn the unsuspecting victim, but until then, its just me and them.

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