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The female character in the anime series Rurouni Kenshin. This is the 18 year old Dojo owner after her parents died. She and the main character Kenshin have an interesting introduction, but eventually become best friends, and a romance begins to blossom.

Kaoru is a very intelligent, but impatiant young women. Her young sisters always keep her happy, and she is now acting as a mother to them, as well as running her family sword school. She is always trying to keep Kenshin from leaving her to go on dangerous missions. She is very skilled in her sword style kendo, and frequently helps Kenshin fight some bad guys.

When it comes to romance, she is very demure, and shy about expressing her emotions about Kenshin. She doesn't want to admit that she is in love with him, because she fears she might loose him just as she did her parents. Until she can come to terms with her parents death, and Kenshins job, then she will never be able to fall in love with him.

In the anime Rurouni Kenshin, the secondary character Kamiya Kaoru is a 17-year-old orphan who runs a kendo dojo after the death of her father in the Seinan War.

Kaoru is kind and cheerful, but also quick tempered. She gets very angry if anyone criticizes her swordsmanship or cooking.

In the early months of 1878, a gigantic swordsman shows up on Tokyo and starts murdering people in the streets, claiming to be a master of Kaoru's sword style, Kamiya Kasshin Ryu. The swordsman goes by the name Hitokiri Battousai. One by one, Kaoru's students leave the dojo, not wanting to be linked with the name Battousai. By February, she has no students left.

One night, while patrolling the streets for Battousai, Kaoru accosts a small man, carrying a sword at his side. The small man doesn't put up much of a fight, but perhaps he is a link to Battousai?

Stay tuned!

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