The most revered Hawaiian shark god and older brother of Pelé, the goddess of fire and volcanoes. His mother is Haumea, the daughter of Papa, earth mother, and Wakea, the sky father.

Kamohoali'i, or Moho for short, is just one of many shark gods; shark gods, or 'amakua, are prominent figures in all Polynesian cultures. Legend holds that Kamohoali'i was a famed navigator in Polynesia who took the form of a giant shark to guide his family and Polynesian settlers to the Hawaiian Islands.

He is believed to be a shapeshifter capable of appearing as a man or a shark and his name and imagery is often used by modern surfers as it is traditionally believed he taught Pelé and mankind how to surf.

Kamohoali'i currently resides in a cliff on the edge of Kilauea crater; it is said that the smoke from Kilauea always blows away from his cliff due to Pelé's respect for her older brother. Aside from making occasional appearances on the Molokai coast, he is also believed to haunt a homestead on Oahu's northeastern shore, just a few doors down from the estate used in the television show Magnum, P.I.

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