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Kangaroo Too
Curtis C. Chen
Thomas Dunne Books, 2017

Kangaroo Too is a science fiction adventure/thriller set in a post-dystopian future, and perhaps most importantly, is the sequel to Waypoint Kangaroo. I strongly recommend that you read the books in order.

Kangaroo is back, and this time, it's pretty much the same. Once again, many bad guys are shooting at our hero, and by dint of near-magic pseudo-technology and cutting wit he manages to save the day. Multiple times. Often against orders.

This time, most of the adventure takes place on Luna, where a previously identified villain (who will not be named to avoid spoilers) is trying to worm their way into various secret projects. This is complicated when a coworker is arrested under suspicion of murder, a terrorist takes out the Lunar power grid, and approximately one million tourists show up for the nth anniversary of the Apollo moon landing.

Kangaroo Too is really a lot like Waypoint Kangaroo. If you liked the one, you will also enjoy the other. The sequel may have more surprising twists and turns, and the immediate stakes may be lower (the bad guys don't attempt genocide in this one) but the feel is the same. Unfortunately, there is no news as to whether or not there will be a third Kangaroo novel, but there is certainly more Kangaroo tales to be told, so I remain hopeful.

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