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Computer graphics expert, currently director of GenArts, Inc. in Cambridge Massachusetts. Pioneer of genetic art. His exhibitions include:

  • Galapagos (1997). Media installation allowing museum visitors to interactively evolve 3D animated forms. Exhibited at the ICC in Tokyo and the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln Massachusetts.
  • Genetic Images (1993). Allows the interactive evolution of abstract still images. Exhibited at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria, and the Interactive Media Festvial in Los Angeles.
  • Interactive Video Kaleidoscope, (1987). A human sized real kaleidoscope creates colorized feedback patterns from faces. Exhibited at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the SIGGRAPH 1988 Art Show in Atlanta.

Kevin Kelly on Sims's work:

"In Sims's universe evolution has been yanked from the living world, and left naked in mathematics. Stripped of its cloak of tissue and hair, yanked from its womb of moist wet flesh, and then spirited into circuits, the vital essence of evolution has moved from the world of the born to the world of the made, from its former sole domain of carbon ring to the manufactured silicon world of algorithmic chips."

His other work includes:

  • Evolved Virtual Creatures, (1994), Demonstration of research results show simulated block creatures performing various evolved behaviors.
  • Liquid Selves, (1992), Computer animation of human forms and faces, produced for Art Futura and "Memory Palace" at the World Fair in Spain.
  • Primordial Dance, (1991), Animated sequences created using automatic morphing between "evolved" images.
  • Panspermia, (1990), Animation depicting a life cycle of an inter-galactic botanical life form.
  • Particle Dreams, (1988), Animated waterfall, snowstorm, and explosion, created with particle systems techniques.
  • Excerpts from Leonardo's Deluge, (1989), Demonstration of choreographed image flow techniques.
  • Burning Logos, (1989), Collection of animated fire simulations created using particle systems techniques.
  • Inner View, (1989), Animations utilizing 3D Volume Rendering.
  • Locomotion Studies, (1987), Animated walking stick creatures and inch worms.

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