Karlheinz Stockhausen is a classical musician and early pioneer in electronic music.

Born in 1928, he studied at the music university in Cologne and became aware of the serial processes in large groups of notes rather than individual points.

He suggested that electronic music gave the means to provide a new way of listening to sound as events rather than points in a pattern.

Largely nonharmonic, he is primarily known for both sparse, minimalistic compositions as well as symphonic-styled productions of overlaid pieces.

Some of his works include:

  1. Kreuzpiel (1951)
  2. Zeitmabe (1956)
  3. Kontakte (1960)
  4. Momente (1964)
  5. Mantra (1970)

Let's see: inspired Revolution 9 (number nine...number nine...number nine...). Wrote a string quartet for four helicopters. Currently writing a series of seven operas named for days of the week. Said that the World Trade Center coming down was the Devil's idea of a great artwork. Records under his own label (of course). Believes in ESP, and is afraid his wife might catch him sleeping around telepathically. How can I say it? A cool guy.

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