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Intermediate flatland skateboarding trick. Far less difficult than any of the other Kaspers. This trick simply involved a half flip of the board and it must be caught in a rather peculiar position (do not mistake this with the Half-flip Kasper, that is a different trick).

This is best learnt stationary. Ollie (relatively low height) with your feet in the kickflip position (see kickflip if you don't know how to do this). As you slide your foot up kickflip, but bring your back foot back onto the board when the underside is facing up. You should land your back foot on the tail. Once this is done quickly scootch your front foot in under the deck so your toes are touching the griptape and are keeping the board off the ground. Your foot should be in the middle of the board, but fairly close to the front truck.

This is like a manual, however requires much more co-ordination and balance, since the only part of the board touching the ground is the thin kick of the tail. This is a simple kickflip Kasper to be exact. For more style try a heelflip Kasper.

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