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mp3.com/KathleenLaGue and kathleenlague.com

Songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, and energized stage musician from Nashville, Tennessee, who has played in several rock bands, modelled on Seventh Avenue in New York City, performed at Lilith Fair and has toured internationally with her backup musicians. She combines a devil-may-care attitude with a soulful vulnerability, and her vocal chords can cut right through you one minute then uplift you the next. Her style happens to fall loosely somewhere in the pop, alternative and rock music genres, but her music is filled with surprises that break new ground and defy stereotypes.

Oh yeah. And she's a babe. Did I mention that?

In August of 1999 her first self-titled album was released to critical success and rave reviews. She's also performed as an actress in television commercials and prime time programming. You've probably already seen or heard her, but you just don't know her name yet. Now you do.

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