Keller Williams is an amazing but relatively unknown guitarist. His music draws on a range of styles including bluegrass, reggae, jazz, funk, and a generous helping of jam band. He has been compared to John Fahey, Leo Kottke, and Michael Hedges.

Keller records both on his own and with others including most notably String Cheese Incident. He is also on SCI's label - Sci Fidelity.

Freek - 1994
Buzz! - 1996
Spun - 1998
Breathe - 1999
Loop - 2001 (Live)
Laugh - 2002
Dance - 2003

All albums except for Breathe and Laugh were rereleased on Sci Fidelity in 2001.

I'm trying to get all albums noded with some commentary soon. Eventually, I'd like to get some lyrics noded too (/msg me if you'd like to help) since I've yet to find them anywhere online.

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