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nine9 asked me to do this node, on the basis that I live in Glasgow. I guess this means that he expects me to know a lot about Kelvinside.

However, it's not somewhere I know a whole lot about. It's in the city's West End, ie north of the Clyde, and west of the City Centre.

But it's not home of the Art Gallery and Museum and Museum of Transport, since they're in Kelvingrove. Nor is it where my dad spent his youth; that was Kelvindale. Nor does it have an underground station named after it; although there is Kelvinhall and Kelvinbridge.

Although, now I come to think of it, there is something which bears the Kelvinside name - that is, the area all these Kelvins fall into. (Kelvin, by the way, is the name of the river which flows down to the Clyde through that part of the city

So what else is there? Glasgow University. The Kelvin Hall. Many pubs. Kelvingrove park, including the almost-famous bandstand. Byres Road. University Avenue. Quite a lot, really..

Maybe I do know a fair amount after all.. :)

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