A nefarious triumvirate of evil overlords has gathered in their mountaintop chalet to review their preparations for the upcoming social cleansing...

Dr. Laura Schlessinger: We must move quickly! I'm losing sponsors left and right thanks to those biological errors rejecting my tough love.

George W. Bush (jr): Relax, missy. Let's stay focused on the reason for this meeting. I've been getting letters and calls from them damn pagans...seems they think our great Constitution gives them the right to go dancin' around in the woods naked and turn our godly country into a modern-day Sodom and Gamorrah!

Laura: bristling What did you expect? It's their agenda, I tell you! I blame the parents.

Bush: Now there's a surprise.

Laura: What's that supposed to mean? You want to discuss parenting issues, Captain Nepotism?

Bush: Let's not get too sidetracked. Now, I understand your latest batch of subliminal audio tapes had a special surprise for our little right-wings?

Laura: cackling Indeed they did. As we speak, parents are soothing their children to sleep to the graceful strains of Bizet and Wagner with my own gentle voice reminding them of their proper obligations and duties as subservient and moral offspring.

A shadowy third figure coughs gently.

Laura: I haven't forgotten your role, dear. As I was saying, the children drift to sleep learning their proper place in the family unit, but subliminal technology has allowed me to include a deeper impetus urging the little heathens to take up arms against anyone outside the mainstream! And it was all made possible by my gracious new distributer. Thank goodness she's one sponsor the unwashed masses can't corrupt!

The shadowy figure leans forward, smiling her billion-dollar smile.

Martha Stewart: It's a good thing!

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